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 Consulate in

The Consulate is a diplomatic mission in and is appointed by the Embassy of in the region. Below you will find the contact details of the consulate as well as the name of the consul serving in .

Contact details of the Consulate in


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  The Consulate in

is a lower level diplomatic representative office appointed by the Embassy of in and is lead by of to .

Type of Consulate

Some consulates in are honorary consulates and do not handle visa or passport matters.

Inquire the consulate in directly or visit the official website of the consulate

Consular Appointment

Before you visit the consulate in , make sure that you first check if you need an appointment.

Travel Insurance

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Important notices related to consular matters

- For visa applications, passports for and other consulate matters related to please contact the consulate in directly by telephone or email

- In you will find consulates of in (if there are no other cities mentioned here that means that does not have any more consulates located in )..

- Many other countries such as and more hold appointed consular departments in .